INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES [ICS] is a division of Wolf, Arnold & Knoll P.C. providing consultancy services for cross-border projects and operations that require skills other  than legal expertise.

International projects, those which involve entities in more than one country, tend to be complex and multi-faceted, requiring expertise in a number of disciplines, not only law. Our transnational consultants assist the client's overcoming these complexities by providing multi-disciplinary services in a unified and combined operation, rather than the bits and pieces derived from various individual experts.

We can put together a team of experts to focus on the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way to resolve problems of working overseas. Subject to the client’s requirements, we may work together with the lawyers of Wolf, Arnold & Knoll PC to provide totally integrated service. See for example description of legal services under International Business Law.





1 Overseas Investment and Operations


ICS facilitates cross-border investment and other international business activities in most areas of the world. We identify and arrange investment and trade opportunities, assist in the formation of joint-venture, mergers and acquisitions and in the development of other strategic relationships. The client receives advice and assistance in mobilizing financial resources, both debt and equity, from commercial, governmental and international sources. We also assist in the acquisition of privatized enterprises in telecommunications and other industries.


2. Trade Policies and Practices


Clients are assisted by the advice furnished by ICS on trade policies, by undertaking studies on NAFTA, the EU and MERCOSUR and other bilateral or regional trade agreements and arrangements and their implications on investment and trade opportunities. ICS analyze WTO trade policies and other requirements and its dispute settlement decisions and keeps the client current on international trade developments as they may affect its business.


3. Training


ICS provides training by organizing seminars, workshops and conferences on international business practices; on understanding and working under the complex laws that regulate investment and trade throughout the world; and on other most other cross-border business activities.


4. Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises


ICS advises government on foreign investment strategies, analysis of laws impacting on foreign investment, legislative drafting, free trade zones, incentives and other investment inducing activities as well as formulating privatization programs and procedures.


Our privatization services include advice on restructuring of public sector enterprises, recommending appropriate legislation and procedural framework and guideline, seek foreign investors and possible purchasers, establish equitable and transparent sales arrangements, formulating licensing , concession and franchise arrangements especially for telecom, power and other similar projects.


3. International Procurement


ICS enables suppliers of goods and services, construction companies and other exporters to benefit from the procurement programs of the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and other regional organizations by advising on the procurement process of these organizations. Assistance is provided for tender or bidding preparation, compliance with rules and other bidding requirements and for protest preparation or defense.


ICS projects are custom designed specifically for each client. We have no canned studies. We will meet with those potentially interested in utilizing our services to discuss how ICS could be of assistance in your international operations or overseas project and delineate a preliminary plan of action based on your requirements.


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