International Trade & Customs Law

Our International Trade and Customs practice focuses on both U.S. law and the laws of other countries pertaining to imports and exports.

Clients are assisted in tariff compliance through analyzing the classification and valuation of their merchandise. We advise clients on various incentive programs and trade agreements as they pertain to imports and exports, as well as how to take advantage of favorable court rulings and changes in government policy.

We advise importers, exporters, customs brokers and freight forwarders on complex import and export documentation and compliance with all homeland security regulations.

Where appropriate,  government rulings are requested or protested  by presenting the administrative agency with cogent, persuasive legal analysis justifying our clients position. Customs analysis is also a factor in helping clients determine where to manufacture and process their merchandise, what components to use, how to package and market them.

We review transfer pricing, organizational structure, agency agreements, transportation, logistics and other germane factors.

This analysis is provided in conjunction with Wolf Arnold & Knoll's international corporate, finance and tax expertise. Where it is cost effective for our clients, we work with international business consultants to help structure operating procedures.

We also take proactive measures to avoid customs and international trade penalties. We provide Customs compliance programs, complete with mock audits, seminars and tailor made compliance manuals.

If a client has been charged with violating Customs regulations, or the regulation of another government agency enforced by the Customs agency, we advise them on appropriate steps to prevent or mitigate penalties. If a client's merchandise is seized or impounded we pursue the outcome most beneficial to our client. If a client is a likely target of an antidumping investigation, we advise them on how to prepare for antidumping proceedings in order to mitigate costs associated with such an investigation. Should a trial or administrative proceeding ensue, we represent our clients through every step of negotiationsand     litigation with the U.S. government.

If an international tribunal is involved, such as prescribed under NAFTA, U.S. -- Israel Free Trade Agreement and the GATT, we counsel our clients throughout the bilateral or multilateral arbitration and negotiations.

Wolf Arnold & Knoll, P.C, works with government and industry on drafting legislation.

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