If your company is about to embark on an overseas project, acquisition or merger with a foreign company, enter into franchise or joint venture arrangements with partners in another country, participation in a privatization of state-owned assets or entities, or is about to enter into trade arrangements with foreign customers, we provide a consulting service that is useful for the business that is uncertain whether an international law firm should yet be retained.

However, any business contemplating an overseas operation must obtain in-depth information on the country or countries where the proposed investment, project, joint-venture, etc., is to be undertaken in order to be in a position to determine whether or how to proceed.

Such consulting services would normally include information and analysis on local financial, economic, political situation and other factors. They will invariable include an analysis of the extent to which the laws and regulations of the foreign country impact on foreign investment generally and the proposed investment in particular, whether they are favorable or not, whether incentives are available, the investment climate, local financing possibilities, permissions, licences or other regulatory requirements and other factors relating to the proposed investment overseas [including US requirements for potential investors from another country.]

At times, the prospective investor may be uncertain as to which of two [or more] countries should be examined to determine whether a proposed investment would be more advantageous in one of the countries. We will prepare comparative analyses of the two [or more] countries involved to help management reach its decision on where and how to proceed.

We would also, on request, propose suitable venues for the proposed investment after having analyzed the client’s requirements.

We provide the prospective investor with a detailed report tailored to the investor’s requirements.

This is not an off-the-shelf report, but a carefully prepared analytical report which provides the information required to assist management in making an informed overseas investment decision.

We work in close collaboration with your senior management, including the General Counsel, to prepare a responsive report. We would, for example, discuss the report in stages as it is being prepared so that you may be assured it covers all essential points and which brings to your early attention problem areas that may require special attention.

These reports are prepared with the assistance of our associated law firm and others in the country or countries in question and would be accurate and up-to-date. We would also pull together information from US and other governmental sources as well as from the local business community as required.

After the report is delivered to you we would remain available to assist you. However, there is no obligation to retain our firm for any further services.

This is a efficient and cost-effective way to obtain this essential information without the expense of retaining a law firm to represent you in your prospective overseas activities. The fixed fee for such reports varies, depending on the information desired and the country or countries involved. Please contact us for further information or to arrange a no-cost first consultation..  

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