For the convenience of our clients and visitors we have compiled links to various web sites of interest to international businesses.

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These web sites include sources of information relating to international business and trade, such as US export regulations, trade advisories, US and international judicial decisions and arbitral awards, rulings of the WTO, NAFTA and other trade organizations, sources of information useful to the exporter, importer and overseas investor and to foreign companies investing or operating in the US.. While we have started with US source links, it is our intention to expand these to cover sources of information from agencies in most other countries.

There is no need for you to note the URL or site name for any of these links. All you need to do is to come to this page and click on the underlined name of the source you desire. We do the rest.

These sites are but a small fraction of the useful and informative web sites available. We will update and add additional sites from time to time. If any of our clients or visitors wish to recommend additional sites, please contact us.

We also offer free customized lists of links to properly service your informational requirements. Please contact us and we will prepare, at no charge, a customized list of additional sites or more specific sites designed to help you in your international business.

In addition to providing these listings, we will, from time to time,. feature the agencies in on-line articles which will provide reviews in depth of the resources available and how you may be assisted in developing your overseas business. please visit us again to check on this feature.

Of course, we represent clients before all these organizations and can assist in developing your overseas business, investments, transactions, project and exports. Please contact us for additional information.

General international business information web sites

One of the better sources of general information on international business and trade matters is The Journal of Commerce. It is totally devoted to international business and is updated daily with breaking news stories that may affect exporters, importers and other international trade and business. Export, import and investment opportunities are also featured

The New York Times is another source for general international business news.

Government Web Sites

The US Customs Service provides up to date general information on complying with United States Customs regulations. Importers are required to keep abreast of changes in Customs regulations and regularly monitoring this site is one element of the exercise of reasonable care.

The US Department of Commerce also maintains several web sites targeted at international business, trade and investments. These are all very useful and contain much information, tips on doing business and information on doing business overseas whether by exporting or investing in another country. [Except as otherwise noted, the following sites are maintained by the Department of Commerce].

Promoting international trade and business overseas: The International Trade Administration site.

The Market Access and Compliance site is dedicated to hearing and resolving problems created by barriers placed by foreign countries on US exports and investments and other foreign trade related issues.

Another excellent source of information on international business is the site of the United States Trade Representative [USTR] which also handles trade issues and problems with other countries.

For assistance in winning foreign contracts contact the Advocacy Center.

Trade in and with specific geographic regions.

Latin America and the Caribbean: The Foreign Trade Information Service of the Organization of American States [OAS] contains a complete listing of trade agreements, rules and regulation for Latin American and Caribbean trade and other valuable information on trade ands investment in the region.

Canada: Canadian Customs provides information on Canada's customs regulations.

Africa:InformationCenter contains general marketing information, customs requirements, licensing and investment requirements and much useful information to help you do business on the African continent. For country specific information, click on <key contacts and web sites> .

Russia and the Newly Independent States:Busnis On Line containing a review of business condition, trade and investment leads in the former members of the Soviet Union operated by the Department of Commerce.

Europe: Exporters Guide to the Euro Contains a complete guide to the utilization of Europe’s new currency- the Euro. Some very useful information and tips.

Israel: News and information about business in Israel can be gained through Israel Business Arena,     Industry and company specific searches can be accessed through Infomedia. More general information about Israel may be found at the web site of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Asia-Pacific: The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation A web site containing information on Asia-Pacific regional trade cooperation maintained by APEC.

Japan: Office of Japan containing information on business activities in and with Japan.

Specialized Trade Sectors

Tourism: Tourism Industries a site containing information on overseas tourism industries, export opportunities and development of tourism.

Environmental Technology: Environmental Technologies Exports promotes and aids exports of this technology.

Service Industries and Finance: SIF contains much useful information on exporting service industries and the financing of overseas activities.

Textiles and Apparel:Office of Textiles and Apparel contains overseas marketing information, how to export, trade agreements, quota requirements and similar information.

Telecommunications: Office of Telecommunications promotes overseas investment in telecom, supports Us exports and assists telecom operators win overseas projects.

Energy: The Energy Division tracks overseas investment and trade opportunities, assists and counsel US firms on such opportunities and how to win contracts. Oil, gas, coal and electrical generation and transmission covered.

Infrastructure: The Infrastructure Division assists US companies seeking business in overseas infrastructure projects.

Others: ITA-Web. Listing of additional web sites on other sectorial matters.

Small Business

The Advocacy Center helps small business win contracts overseas.

International or Regional Trade Organization

North American Free Trade Association [NAFTA]

World Trade Organization [WTO]

Common Market of the Southern Cone of South America [Mercosur]

Trade Leads

Import-Export Bulletin Board  lists trade, export and investment leads. Also partially reproduced in the Journal of Commerce.

Import Export Associations

The American Association of Exporters and Importers (A.A.E.I.)

National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America

Financing Information

Government Export Financing: The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. [EXIM] provides export financing and guarantees for the export sale of US goods and services for overseas projects, provides working capital guarantees and export credits.

Overseas Investment Financing: Overseas Private Investment Corporation [OPIC] provides political risk insurance on overseas investments.

Financing Feasibility Studies and Training Grants: US Trade and Development Agency provides grant financing for feasibility studies to aid US companies in developing overseas projects.

Other sources of financing for overseas projects:

The International Finance Corporation, [IFC] a member of the World Bank Group providing capital, equity and loans to private enterprise in the developing world.

The Inter-American Development Bank, [IDB] provides financing for private infrastructure projects [telecommunications, ports, toll roads, energy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Inter-American Investment Corporation, [IID] a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, finances small to medium projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The International Accounting Stadards Board (IASB) provides links to emerging regulations and agreements on accounting standards, such as GAAP and IFRS. See

Commercial and investment bank sources - [under construction]

International Procurement Opportunities

International and regional development organizations, such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, provide excellent procurement opportunities for goods and services destined for the projects they finance. Manufacturers, construction companies, suppliers of goods and equipment and others may benefit by these procurement opportunities. While the actual acquisition of goods and services is undertaken by the government or entity receiving the loan, procurement is carried out under strict rules and regulations set out by the respective agency. The web sites indicated contain information on these procurement opportunities and the rules and regulations.

The World Bank:

Inter-American Development Bank:

Information on International and Foreign Law

There are numerous web sites containing international and foreign law information. One site which contains links to other similar sites is the American Society of International Law


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