Maurice Wolf and Elting Arnold

of Blessed Memory

Wolf, Arnold & Knoll P.C. began in 1997 as the sibling New York law firm of Wolf, Arnold & Cardoso, P.C. based in Washington, D.C.


Wolf, Arnold & Cardoso, P.C. was founded by two distinguished jurists Maurice Wolf and Elting Arnold. Following Mr. Arnold's untimely passing in 1988, Mr. Wolf continued to lead the Washington based law firm and in 1996 undertook the forming of our current New York based law firm, Wolf, Arnold & Knoll, P.C. We are deeply indebted to Mr. Wolf for the tremendous devotion and sagacious guidance he provided our firm from our origins through beyond our first decade in practice. Our firm is committed to living up to the great legacies of Mr. Wolf and Mr. Arnold. We provide below just a brief overview of their professional careers; this of course does not even begin to indicate their very special human qualities.


Maurice Wolf   

Maurice Wolf began his distinguished law career in 1962, initially serving in the public sector and later serving in private practice and academia. He became renown in several areas of international business law ranging from structuring international telecommunication companies to serving on international arbitration panels. Mr. Wolf spearheaded the establishment of Wolf, Arnold & Cardoso, P.C. in 1977 and Wolf, Arnold & Knoll, P.C. in 1997, mentoring both firms until his untimely passing in December, 2007.

During the 1996 - 1997 academic year, Mr. Wolf served as Visiting Professor of International Law at the American University Law School and co-directed the law school's summer international law program in Santiago, Chile. Mr Wolf was Visiting Lecturer in 1998 at the University of Georgia Law School. Mr. Wolf lectured extensively during his career and published numerous articles on international business law and related matters.

Mr. Wolf served as Senior Counsel for the Inter-American Development Bank, Advisory Director of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration and Chairman of the Banking and Finance Subcommittee for the Committee on International Investment and Finance of the Washington, D.C. Bar. Mr. Wolf was also an Attorney Advisor in the Office of Satellite Communications at the Federal Communications Commission. He was also Chairman of the Task Force on the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative of the Inter-American Bar Foundation. Mr. Wolf served on the International Panel of the American Arbitration Association's Center for International Arbitration. He also served on the Editorial Advisory Committee of International Legal Materials. Mr. Wolf was also an arbitrator on an ICSID Arbitral Tribunal.

Mr. Wolf was born in England. Before law school, he studied at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and earned his B.A. degree with honors at the University of Califronia at Los Angeles. Mr. Wolf earned his Law Degree at Columbia University where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and President of the Columbia University Society of International Law. Please see the following Washington Post articles about Maurice Wolf written following his untimely passing in 2007.

Lawyer-Photographer Captured the Splendor Of World's Diversity The Washington Post

By Matt Schudel
Post Staff Writer
Sunday, January 6, 2008; Page C08  


Obituary: Maurice Wolf, International Lawyer The Washington Post



Elting Arnold   

Elting Arnold began his distinguished law career in 1939, originally in private practice in New York prior to embarking on a career in public service. Before returning to private practice in Washington DC, Mr. Arnold was the first General Counsel of the Inter-American Development Bank, serving in that capacity from 1960 through 1971. He later served as Chairman of the Employee Conciliation Committee of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Mr. Arnold also served with the legal staff of the United States Treasury Department. The Washington Post (December 30th, 1988) noted that: During his government service, he participated in several international financial meetings including the Bretton Woods Conference and the meeting that negotiated the agreement establishing the Inter-American Development Bank...." From 1948 to 1960, Mr. Arnold was assistant general counsel of the Treasury Department in charge of matters relating to international finance. He also was acting director of Foreign Assets Control from 1950 to 1960.

After serving as general counsel of the Inter-American Development Bank from 1960 through 1971, Mr. Arnold decided to accept an offer to return to the Treasury Department as a special assistant to the general counsel.

He later joined Maurice Wolf in the law firm of Wolf, Arnold & Monroig, P.C. which later became Wolf Arnold & Cardoso, P.C.

Mr. Arnold earned his law degree at Columbia University.

The Washington Post noted that Mr. Arnold "was an enthusiastic environmentalist, serv[ing] on the Board of the Audubon Naturalist Society, the Nature Conservancy and the Defenders of Wildlife."

Please see the following New York Times and Washington Post articles about Elting Arnold written following his untimely passing in 1988.

Obituary: Elting Arnold, Lawyer The New York Times

Elting Arnold, Bank Counsel, Dies at 76 The Washington Post

Date: December 30, 1988



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