In our global economy most business transactions somewhere cross national borders, even those that on first appearance may seem entirely domestic. Transnational and multinational business brings complex issues that require careful analysis and expert decisions.

The complexities of international laws, differing jurisdictions and different legal systems, customs and cultures, make it a necessity to have available the advice and assistance of legal professionals who are highly knowledgeable and capable in serving your international business needs. Success in international business requires it.

Yet while there are law firms that service the international business requirements of the very large businesses, few law firms are available to serve the international legal requirements of more budget conscious enterprises in the United States and other countries around the world.

Wolf Arnold & Knoll, P.C. aims to provide you with the highest quality and the most cost effective legal services for international business transactions.

We bring together leading experts on various facets of international business law to provide you with comprehensive legal services. We are entirely focused on providing you with first class, cost effective, international legal representation and consulting services.

We are able to undertake and supervise your multinational development, cross-border transactions and trade relations, fusing our knowledge of applicable US law with the knowledge of attorneys and other professionals experienced with the applicable laws in the countries in which you are operating, or planning to operate.

If your enterprise is based outside the US, we provide the necessary advice and assistance required to establish or conduct your business in the US and to successfully operate in this country. If you are an exporter of goods or services to the US, we are here to help you succeed in your efforts and avoid regulatory and other problems that may arise in trade or resolve such matters should they occur.

In addition to structuring organizations and transactions, we represent clients before the World Bank, the IFC, the Inter-American Development Bank and other international and regional agencies. We also represent clients before United States government agencies such as the Export-Import Bank, OPIC, Customs, the IRS, and other agencies within the Departments of Commerce, State and Treasury. We advise and assist clients in benefiting from multinational institutions and accords such as the WTO, GATT, NAFTA, MERCOSUR, European Union and Israel Free Trade.

We provide thorough analysis and recommendations for international trade requirements in the US and overseas.

Wolf Arnold & Knoll, P.C. collaborates with other law firms seeking advice and assistance on overseas transactions. In such collaborations, the client remains the other law firm's. Our collaboration enables the other law firm to most effectively provide the required services for their clients.

Our Services Cover:

International finance, corporate law, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures licensing, technology transfer, international sales, international tax, trusts and estates, telecommunications, satellite communications, privatizations, export regulations, customs and international trade law. We are able to provide coordinated services effectively and at reasonable cost.


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